Interior design pictures of house and building featuring a radiant cooling (and/or radiant floor) system

  • The White House Exterior

Radiant Remodel: The White House

We call this one "The White House," and we're sure you can tell why! These photos are from a remodel in Los Gatos, California. The 5,000 sqft, 5-bed, 3-bath home was originally built in 1905! It received quite the upgrade when the homeowners decided to install our Ray Magic® gypsum radiant ceiling panels to provide

  • Exterior photo of DRH show home with Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels. .

Ray Magic® NK Panels in a David Reid Homes show home

Here we have another Ray Magic® radiant ceiling system designed by Waterware for a David Reid Homes show home in Auckland! This beautiful 2,691 sqft show home contains four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and two living rooms. It balances contemporary style with flawless functionality to create the highest standard of family living in the much sought-after Hobsonville! This home’s

  • Paul Brown Architects office building.

Radiant Ceiling Islands in Paul Brown Architects’ new office building

Here we have a unique system install that saved Paul Brown Architects from the dreaded “Goldilocks effect,” the phenomenon where part of the office is too hot, part is too cold, and only a small part in the middle is just right. To combat Paul Brown Architects' uncomfortable working environment, the good folks at

  • Messana radiant ceiling panels HVAC.

Job site progress photos

Design Line Construction just shared these progress photos of this hydronic system that is being installed in a Belvedere home! This home's HVAC system features Messana Ray Magic® NK radiant ceiling panels, Jaga fan coils, and a radiant floor! The radiant floor will provide heating, our radiant ceiling panels will provide both heating and

  • Nicasio Home Front View

Messana mControls and EMF Exposure

Are you aware of the potential dangers of excessive EMF exposure? Some studies show a link between exposure to EMF and an increased rate of health problems. This is scary to think about, especially when you realize that we are exposed to EMF almost 24/7! In order to limit exposure to the radiation produced by

  • Front of Palo Alto home.

Passive Homes vs Active Homes

Do you know the difference between an Active House and a Passive House? Although they sound like opposites, they are actually very similar! Passive homes focus on high levels of insulation and air-tightness, allowing them to operate using up to 90% less energy. While Active Homes also aim to be energy efficient, they tend to

  • Manhattan, NY Building with mControls

mControls in NYC!

Messana mControls. Combine your various systems. Control the chaos! This seven-story single-family building has provided modern climate control functionality with vintage aesthetics by merging the style cues of the Gilded Age with the operational mechanics of the Digital Age. Built in 1920 and renovated in 2015, this Manhattan building now features a one-of-a-kind climate control

  • DL2 downlight lighting

Lighting by Energy Savings Technology

A sustainable building needs sustainable lighting! That’s why we recommend lighting from Energy Savings Technology! Our office in Soquel, California, uses “The True 2 Inch LED Downlight,” known as the DL2. The DL2’s revolutionary design exhibits a two-inch footprint that was originally inspired by Messana when we requested a lighting fixture that could easily be

  • Ray Magic in AGU Headquarters!

Ray Magic® in AGU Headquarters

In 2016 the board of the American Geophysical Union (AGU) approved a plan to renovate their headquarters to target net-zero energy. We are honored that our system played a role in this historic renovation! This renovation made AGU the first organization in the District of Columbia to renovate an existing commercial building to achieve

  • Nice Group Offices

Nice Group acquires Nortek Control!

Back in 2007, Nice Group installed our Ray Magic® radiant panels in their futuristic headquarters in Oderzo, Italy. A lot has happened since then, and now, we want to congratulate Nice Group on their acquisition of Nortek Control! Nortek Control has a long track record and solid reputation as an innovator in smart homes,

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