Thermal camera pictures showing radiant cooling and heating ceiling and wall panels

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The Evolution of mSense!

For the last 20 years, we have consistently innovated to create the best climate control system possible. We are revolutionizing the industry by moving away from the outdated wall thermostat and have put that power right in our customer's pocket! Now, users can make any adjustments that they see necessary right from our smartphone app

Decorative, acoustical radiant panels installed on the wall.

Two Ray Magic Gyptone® BIG™ Quattro 41 acoustical radiant panels are installed on the wall next to the entrance door of the meeting room at Clarum Homes. The two acoustical radiant panels have multiple functions: decorative, noise reduction, space conditioning (radiant cooling and heating) and also reduce the exposure to formaldehyde. In fact, Ray Magic

First house with Radiant Cooling in Connecticut (New Canaan)

New house in New Canaan CT with radiant cooling panels on the ceiling. This home with radiant cooling in Connecticut was built by CMG Builder (Salvatore Zarrella). Surface temperatures in the kitchen are below 60F, with the  dew point at about 55F. In the coldest part of the radiant panels, the surface temperature is just a

  • radiant cooling infrared image

Infrared image of radiant cooling system at Lambert Residence, Los Gatos CA

Infrared image of radiant cooling system at Lambert Residence, in Los Gatos CA. House is tested in radiant cooling mode. *Measurements* Outdoor temperature 85F Average indoor radiant temperature 73F Average active ceiling panel temperatures 59-65F Supply water temperature 49F Average dew point 52F High ceiling with wood ceiling beams attached on top of the Ray Magic

Start-Up of Ray Magic radiant cooling system in the new passive office of Clarum Homes

Start-Up of RayMagic Radiant Cooling system in the new passive office of Clarum Homes. The whole building (about 6,500sf) is powered by one 4 tons Daikin Altherma Monobloc (air to water heat pump). The Messana system also features a Neutral Temperature Dehumidification (NTD1200) and Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV1200) to control the quality of air and

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