Thermal camera pictures showing radiant cooling and heating ceiling and wall panels

  • Radiant cooling being provided using our Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels!

Convection in cooling!

Happy #ThermalThursday! ❄🔥 Here's a fun fact about radiant cooling via our Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels: People often wonder why we heat from the ceiling when "heat rises." In reality, that isn't true! Heat doesn't rise. Hot air does! Heat is actually just thermal energy, which always moves from hot objects to cooler ones! So,

  • Mechanical room by Mayo Mechanical to provide radiant cooling and heating via Messana Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels.

Newport Beach Mechanical Room!

Last Thursday, we shared a thermal video of our Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels in cooling. Now we'd like to show off the mechanical room photo to go along with it! This hydronic system in Newport Beach, California, uses a 5-ton Spacepak air-to-water heat pump for cooling; and an HTP Versa Hydro boiler for domestic

  • Thermal Thursday photo of our Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels in cooling while occupant is working from home.

Thermal Thursday: Is that a leak?!

Oh no! Is that a leak in the ceiling!? 💧🤦‍♂️ Nope! Just our Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels in cooling! Happy #ThermalThursday! ❄😉 Did you know that building comfort can improve productivity and performance by as much as 12.5% or reduce them by as much as 17%?! We're happy to see our radiant ceiling panels keeping

  • Radiant Cooling Thermal Thursday in Los Gatos home

Thermal Thursday: Cooling that is felt, but not seen!

Happy #ThermalThursday, everyone! Check out these thermal images of our Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels delivering cooling that the occupants can feel but not see! With a radiant surface temperature of about 60°F, this radiant system is keeping its occupants nice and comfortable on a hot day in Los Gatos, California!

  • Panaskopic Productions job site photo of Lemma Construction workers in a radiant remodel.

A Radiant Remodel!

Panaskopic Productions recently shared this job site photo of the crew over at Lemma Construction working hard on a two-story remodel project in Ross, Ca! This Ray Magic® radiant ceiling system was installed by the team at Warm Corp West, who have close to 8 years of experience installing our radiant ceiling panels! If you're interested

  • Thermal Thursday photo of the Radiant Guru, Francesco Marchesi.

Thermal Thursday Throwback!

How about we combine today's #ThermalThursday post with a #ThrowbackThursday post! These thermal images were captured back in 2014 when our co-founder, Francesco Marchesi, visited this radiant ceiling install in the Clarum Homes office! This suspended cloud system uses an air-to-water heat pump to provide radiant cooling and heating to keep Clarum Homes employees comfortable all year long! The

  • Ray Magic Quad Gypsum ceiling tiles in our Soquel office.

Thermal Thursday: Ray Magic® Quad Gypsum

For today’s #ThermalThursday, we wanted to show off our most popular Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panel for commercial projects! Ray Magic® Quad Gypsum ceiling tiles designed for suspended ceiling grid systems! These FLIR thermal images are always particularly satisfying because they show each individual Ray Magic® QG (Quad Gypsum) ceiling tile! Scroll to see what installation looked

  • mSense

The Evolution of mSense!

For the last 20 years, we have consistently innovated to create the best climate control system possible. We are revolutionizing the industry by moving away from the outdated wall thermostat and have put that power right in our customer's pocket! Now, users can make any adjustments that they see necessary right from our smartphone app

Decorative, acoustical radiant panels installed on the wall.

Two Ray Magic Gyptone® BIG™ Quattro 41 acoustical radiant panels are installed on the wall next to the entrance door of the meeting room at Clarum Homes. The two acoustical radiant panels have multiple functions: decorative, noise reduction, space conditioning (radiant cooling and heating) and also reduce the exposure to formaldehyde. In fact, Ray Magic

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