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Radiant panels installed in new Chatham’s Eden Hall campus

Messana Radiant Cooling system is installed in the new modern Chatham University’s Eden Hall campus (South Building Dorm). Messana Ray Magic panels are installed on the ceiling using resilient channels to create an air plenum for the return air of the ventilation system. The dehumidification and ventilation system consist of four 1200 CFM ATU (Air Treatment

First house with Radiant Cooling in Connecticut (New Canaan)

New house in New Canaan CT with radiant cooling panels on the ceiling. This home with radiant cooling in Connecticut was built by CMG Builder (Salvatore Zarrella). Surface temperatures in the kitchen are below 60F, with the  dew point at about 55F. In the coldest part of the radiant panels, the surface temperature is just a

Radiant cooling over wood ceiling

Radiant cooling on the ceiling with Ray Magic Beams panels (1/4″ gypsum board) cut to size to perfectly fit between ceiling joists. The radiant gypsum panels are then covered with tongue & groove Cedar wood planks. To improve cooling and heating performances, also a hydronic radiant floor has been installed: staple-up on the subfloor covered by

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Infrared image of radiant cooling system at Lambert Residence, Los Gatos CA

Infrared image of radiant cooling system at Lambert Residence, in Los Gatos CA. House is tested in radiant cooling mode. *Measurements* Outdoor temperature 85F Average indoor radiant temperature 73F Average active ceiling panel temperatures 59-65F Supply water temperature 49F Average dew point 52F High ceiling with wood ceiling beams attached on top of the Ray Magic

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Radiant cooling vs Air Conditioning

Radiant cooling vs air conditioning: radiant cooling is cheaper to install, operate than conventional A/C. This is an interesting article that compares Radiant Cooling vs Air Conditioning in a commercial building in India. "As it turns out, the radiant side cost a little bit less to install that the conventional HVAC side. Better yet, after

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