Radiant floor installation. When ceiling is not an option or when cooling and heating loads are too high, a supplemental radiant floor is installed to increase heating and cooling performance.

  • Dotto Construction Ray Magic® radiant panel photo 2

Santa Rosa Project By Dotto Construction

Built by Dotto Construction Company, this two-story home in Santa Rosa, California, uses two different radiant systems; both controlled via Messana mControls. The first floor has a radiant floor, while the second floor uses our Ray Magic® NK radiant ceiling panels; both used to provide radiant cooling and heating. Additionally, each floor uses a dedicated

  • Thermal Camera showing our radiant ceiling panels and the Jaga linear diffuser.

Atherton Home’s Supplementary Fan Coils!

Here are the final photos from the 9,300 sq/ft Atherton home that we have been posting about! In addition to our Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels and a radiant floor, this home uses Jaga  fan coils to provide second-stage cooling during the hottest days of the year! The system uses Briza 22 fan coils with

  • Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels in an Atherton home.

Atherton Home’s Thermal Images!

Remember the 9,300 sq/ft Atherton home that we have made several posts about over the last few weeks? Well, as promised, here are the thermal images that one of our engineers captured at the system start-up! In case you missed our past posts, this home’s four-pipe hydronic system uses 249 of our Ray Magic® NK

  • Retrofit Radiant Ceiling vs Retrofit Radiant Floor graphic.

Retrofit Radiant Floor vs Radiant Ceiling

A few weeks back we explained the benefits that a radiant ceiling has over a radiant floor, such as: - a lower thermal mass which lowers the heating and cooling delivery time. A faster response time also allows Messana mControls to modulate the panel’s operative temperature to stay just above the dew point to provide

  • Atherton Interior with radiant floors and Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels.

Atherton Home’s Interior: A radiant floor, radiant ceiling panels, and fan coils!

After yesterday's mechanical room photos, you might be wondering what kind of home would require 249 Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels, a completely radiant floor, and 25 Jaga fan coils!Well, these interior photos should give you a good idea as to how remarkable this home truly is!We can't wait to visit this job site again

  • Atherton exterior photo.

Messana mControls managing 249 Ray Magic® radiant panels, 25 Jaga fan coils, and a completely radiant floor in Atherton, CA!

Today we have quite the mechanical room to show off! One of our engineers just visited this 9,300 sq/ft home in Atherton, CA to check on the progress of their system installation! This home’s four-pipe hydronic system uses 249 of our Ray Magic® NK radiant ceiling panels to provide radiant cooling along with radiant

  • Hadid Residences upward photo.

Radiant ceiling panels in the CityLife Milano Residential Complex

Radiant cooling and heating ceiling panels are often installed in buildings with remarkable architectural design, but few stand out as much as the CityLife Milano Residential Complex. Designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, this residential apartment complex is comprised of seven curved buildings of varying heights, from 5 to 13 floors. The distinctive architectural elements

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Why are Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels better than a radiant floor?

A major difference between radiant ceiling panels and radiant floors is their response times. Since radiant ceiling panels have a lower thermal mass, necessary adjustments can be made much faster than they can for radiant floors. This becomes very important when a radiant system is used for cooling. To maximize cooling capacity, our system

  • Atherton Civic Center entrance.

The New Atherton Civic Center

Our team has just completed the start-up of a hydronic radiant system at the new Atherton Civic Center ($32M)! The new Atherton Civic Center features a hydronic four-pipe heating and cooling system. The system uses our Ray Magic® Quad ceiling tiles and an Uponor radiant floor. 🔥❄ The advantage of a four-pipe system is that

  • Nicasio Home Front View

Messana mControls and EMF Exposure

Are you aware of the potential dangers of excessive EMF exposure? Some studies show a link between exposure to EMF and an increased rate of health problems. This is scary to think about, especially when you realize that we are exposed to EMF almost 24/7! In order to limit exposure to the radiation produced by

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