• Messana hydronic radiant ceiling panel and Jaga hydronic fan coil.

The Perfect Hydronic Pair!

The perfect hydronic pair! Messana Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels and Jaga fan coils! For modern homes, which tend to have lots of windows, glazing can result in abnormally high cooling demands in specific areas. So, for these areas, we recommend Jaga fan coils which can provide supplementary cooling (and heating), while still utilizing the

  • radiant cooling ceiling panel photo

Thermal images of our Soquel office!

We’re back again with some more thermal images for #ThermalThursday! It was about 80°F in the Santa Cruz area today, and our office was feeling great, so we checked the status of our system and we saw that Messana mControls automatically switched our system into cooling! Here you can see our Ray Magic® 2x8 ceiling

Decorative, acoustical radiant panels installed on the wall.

Two Ray Magic Gyptone® BIG™ Quattro 41 acoustical radiant panels are installed on the wall next to the entrance door of the meeting room at Clarum Homes. The two acoustical radiant panels have multiple functions: decorative, noise reduction, space conditioning (radiant cooling and heating) and also reduce the exposure to formaldehyde. In fact, Ray Magic

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