RayMagic gypsum panels for radiant cooling and heating installations.

  • Ray Magic joining technology

Ray Magic radiant ceiling system: the revolution in simplicity

The Messana radiant ceiling system represents a radical innovation in the installation of radiant gypsum surfaces. The breakthrough is based on the integration of the supply  and return lines directly into the radiant panel and an innovative joining technology that makes the connection between radiant panels quick and easy through a simple coupling fitting with a snap-in push-button. Tested 10

Radiant cooling over wood ceiling

Radiant cooling on the ceiling with Ray Magic Beams panels (1/4″ gypsum board) cut to size to perfectly fit between ceiling joists. The radiant gypsum panels are then covered with tongue & groove Cedar wood planks. To improve cooling and heating performances, also a hydronic radiant floor has been installed: staple-up on the subfloor covered by

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