RayMagic gypsum panels for radiant cooling and heating installations.

  • How It's Made

How It’s Made: Ray Magic® Gypsum Radiant Ceiling Panels

This footage came from our factory in Azzano Decimo, Italy, where the same two production employees assemble all of our radiant ceiling panels! Our Gypsum panels are more common throughout Europe, whereas our NK panels (no drywall installed) are more popular throughout the United States! The process begins by assembling a 4x8 EPS foam board.

  • Radiant ceiling with plenty of panel coverage.

FAQ Friday: How many panels are required to provide radiant heating and cooling?

We typically shoot for about 70% ceiling coverage for all of our projects. This is because it takes roughly 70% coverage to meet cooling loads with our panels, while heating loads are usually met at around 30-40%. Although some clients may want to stop at 30-40% ceiling coverage for a heating-only system, using more panels

  • Thermal image of our Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels in heating!

Thermal Thursday: Radiant Ceiling Panel Job Site Benefits!

Happy #ThermalThursday! It's been a while since we showed off our Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels in heating! Aside from the efficiency and output benefits of our Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels, there are also some construction benefits as well! Check out this quote from a Builder Magazine article: "...the cost for the system was no more

  • Ray Magic® Radiant Ceiling Panels Production Update with Roberto Messana

Ray Magic® Radiant Ceiling Panels Production Update!

Panels on panels on panels! Here we have Roberto Messana, the “father of modern radiant cooling,” standing with our latest batch of Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels in our production facility in Italy! These panels will be leaving Italy next week headed to the United States. We can’t wait to see these panels installed on

  • Ray Magic Quad Gypsum ceiling tiles in our Soquel office.

Thermal Thursday: Ray Magic® Quad Gypsum

For today’s #ThermalThursday, we wanted to show off our most popular Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panel for commercial projects! Ray Magic® Quad Gypsum ceiling tiles designed for suspended ceiling grid systems! These FLIR thermal images are always particularly satisfying because they show each individual Ray Magic® QG (Quad Gypsum) ceiling tile! Scroll to see what installation looked

  • Ray Magic® NK panel release!

Our New Ray Magic® NK Radiant Ceiling Panels!

We’d finally like to reveal the next generation of Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels! Now available in the 2x4 size, the new Ray Magic® NK radiant ceiling panels now feature a more-flexible PERT piping instead of PEX, which has a low-friction outer layer and an interior oxygen barrier which both help to reduce expansion noise.

  • radiant cooling ceiling panel photo

Thermal images of our Soquel office!

We’re back again with some more thermal images for #ThermalThursday! It was about 80°F in the Santa Cruz area today, and our office was feeling great, so we checked the status of our system and we saw that Messana mControls automatically switched our system into cooling! Here you can see our Ray Magic® 2x8 ceiling

  • HydroTech media 3

Why are Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels better than a radiant floor?

A major difference between radiant ceiling panels and radiant floors is their response times. Since radiant ceiling panels have a lower thermal mass, necessary adjustments can be made much faster than they can for radiant floors. This becomes very important when a radiant system is used for cooling. To maximize cooling capacity, our system

  • Hydrotech ray magic® panels photo 1

How many Ray Magic® radiant panels are required?

How many of our Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels do you think it takes to heat and cool a home? 🤔 Numerous factors come into play when designing a Ray Magic® radiant system. Generally, we always start each job with the goal of achieving around 60-70% ceiling coverage, leaving enough room for ceiling fixtures.

  • Hydronica install mechanical room in San Francisco hotel.

Mechanical Room Photos from Hydronica

We can’t let December end without sharing some more mechanical room content! These photos are courtesy of Bay Area hydronic specialists, Hydronica! This four-pipe hydronic system was installed in a San Francisco hotel, and it utilizes Messana mControls to regulate its Ray Magic® radiant heating and cooling ceiling panels! 🔥❄ Have any mechanical room

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