• Bensonwood manufacturing facility.

Visiting The Bensonwood Manufacturing Facility!

We recently visited the Bensonwood manufacturing facility in New Hampshire to explore their offsite construction solutions that foster structures that are better for both people and the planet! So far, we've worked with Bensonwood on an Active House that utilized Messana mControls to manage a radiant floor, Jaga fan coils, and one of our Air Treatment Units. We

  • Saul showing our Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels!

Ray Magic® Radiant Cooling and Heating Ceiling Panels On The Job Site!

We recently visited a @hydronica.inc job site to film their team installing our Ray Magic® NK radiant cooling and heating ceiling panels! Here’s Saul to provide some quick install info regarding our radiant ceiling panels! Let us know if you have any questions!

  • Water boiler repair photo.

3 Advantages That Hydronic Systems Have Over Forced-Air Systems

As the weather begins to cool down, people are once again going to begin to turn on their heating systems. But with the cost of heating being quite high in many areas, people are always on the lookout for more efficient options.  While many homes may still use traditional types of

  • How It's Made

How It’s Made: Ray Magic® Gypsum Radiant Ceiling Panels

This footage came from our factory in Azzano Decimo, Italy, where the same two production employees assemble all of our radiant ceiling panels! Our Gypsum panels are more common throughout Europe, whereas our NK panels (no drywall installed) are more popular throughout the United States! The process begins by assembling a 4x8 EPS foam board.

  • Photo of the Messana Podcast in progress interviewing Jaga Climate Designers.

The Messana Podcast!

Today we got to record episode two of our podcast on hydronics with Jaga Climate Designers! Episode 1 featured our New Zealand distributor, WaterWare, and it is now live on YouTube. We discussed hydronics, radiant cooling, and air treatment! You can also find our podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, iHeart Radio, Amazon Music, Audible, and

  • Graphic advertising our free 1-hour consultation on hydronic systems for residential architects.

Free Hydronics Consultation

We are excited to share that now, through the end of the year, we will be offering a free 1-hour consultation call on hydronic systems for residential architects! To request a free consultation call with one of our hydronics experts, email the following information to sales@radiantcooling.com: - Project name - Project location - PDF of

  • Jaga Briza 22 hydronic fan coil installed.

Jaga Briza 22 Hydronic Fan Coils

Earlier this week, we showed off a project that used Jaga Briza-12 hydronic fan coils to provide heating and cooling. Today, we wanted to show off a project that utilized Jaga's Briza-22 fan coils! The Jaga Briza product line is composed of three different hydronic fan coils. The compact and quiet Briza 12 and the

  • Washington home that utilizes Jaga hydronic fan coils.

Jaga Hydronic Fan Coils In A Washington Home

Our friends over at Jaga just shared these photos of their hydronic fan coils (Briza-12) installed in a beautiful Washington home! Jaga hydronic fan coils perfectly complement our hydronic radiant ceiling panels for projects where specific areas within a home have higher cooling loads relative to the rest of the house! Jaga's extremely compact hydronic

  • Messana hydronic radiant ceiling panel and Jaga hydronic fan coil.

The Perfect Hydronic Pair!

The perfect hydronic pair! Messana Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels and Jaga fan coils! For modern homes, which tend to have lots of windows, glazing can result in abnormally high cooling demands in specific areas. So, for these areas, we recommend Jaga fan coils which can provide supplementary cooling (and heating), while still utilizing the

  • Ryan meeting with Monterey Energy Group to finalize a project plan set and review some system design modifications!

Meeting with Monterey Energy Group!

Yesterday we visited our friends at Monterey Energy Group to finalize a project plan set and review some system design modifications! Monterey Energy Group(MEG) is an engineering consulting firm focused on the design of mechanical, energy (electrical and solar), and plumbing systems for residential and light commercial projects. Founded in 1982, MEG has worked with thousands of

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