Radiant cooling on the ceiling with Ray Magic Beams panels

Radiant cooling on the ceiling with RayMagic Beams panels (1/4″ gypsum board) cut to size to perfectly fit between ceiling joists. The radiant gypsum panels are then covered with tongue & groove Cedar wood planks. To improve cooling and heating performances, also a hydronic radiant floor has been installed: staple-up on the subfloor covered by

The secret to Radiant Cooling is in the controls

The secret to #RadiantCooling is in the controls. Messana developed a unique control technology over 15-year experience. Dehumidification and proper ventilation are key to increase performance of the cooling system, but the condensation prevention is managed by the controls. A well designed radiant ceiling can extract up to 35btu/sf!

Just make sure you don’t hit the pipes of the hydronic gypsum radiant panel

Just make sure you don't hit the pipes of the hydronic gypsum radiant panel! Thermal cameras makes it easy to drill through the #RayMagic ceiling panels. IR camera is a must have tool for #RadiantCooling and Heating professionals. Tips from the pros 1. Touch the cold panel with your finger and keep pressing for a

How does it feel that Radiant Cooling panel at 59F?

How does it feel that #RadiantCooling panel at 59F? Pretty cool huh? New prospect client (Mr. Darko Borovnica) visiting  Messana Testing Room in Oakland, CA. Experiencing Radiant Cooling is free: call us to schedule your visit. Daikin Altherma in cooling mode with radiant surface temperatures at about 58-60F. Supply water temperature 48F and Room temperature

Greg Cross, Ray Magic expert, and David Cheek

Greg Cross, RayMagic expert, and David Cheek (drywall contractor, DMC Drywall) discussing best practices to install Messana #RadiantCooling  panels on the ceiling. They both agree that the best strategy is to have drywall hangers apply the radiant gypsum panels under the supervision of Mechanical contractor that make sure the active panels are installed following the

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