Happy #ThermalThursday! ❄🔥

Here’s a fun fact about radiant cooling via our Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels:

People often wonder why we heat from the ceiling when “heat rises.” In reality, that isn’t true!

Heat doesn’t rise. Hot air does! Heat is actually just thermal energy, which always moves from hot objects to cooler ones!

So, since hot air is what rises, our system can create a natural convection cycle when cooling! Here’s what happens:

Hot air rises to the ceiling, where our radiant ceiling panels cool it down. That air then falls and is replaced by more warm air, and the cycle continues! This allows our ceiling panels to cool hot air first to deliver comfort to the occupants faster than a chilled radiant floor! With a radiant ceiling, 70% of the cooling effect is radiant, and the remaining 30% is convection!

Additionally, since our radiant ceiling panels have a much lower thermal mass than a radiant floor, they can react to changes in humidity faster, allowing them to stay closer to the dew-point than a radiant floor (increasing their cooling output). A radiant floor slab would need to remain a safe distance from the dew-point temperature to account for any sudden increases in humidity that would create condensation.

Radiant cooling being provided using our Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels!