Today we joined for a job site visit to discuss heat pump clearance, setbacks, and sound levels with Premiere Builders for one of our upcoming projects!

This home will require three air-to-water heat pumps for two separate hydronic systems!

The first hydronic system will use two heat pumps connected in series and a buffer tank to provide hot and cold water for the Ray Magic® radiant cooling and heating ceiling system and two hydronic fan coils.

The second hydronic system uses one heat pump and one buffer tank to provide radiant cooling and heating in the underground home theatre via our Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels. Additionally, since the home theatre/media room is underground, a @panasoniciaq ERV will be used to remove stale air and provide fresh, clean air.

Installer: Hydronica
General Contractor: Premiere Builders
Architect: Stotler Design Group

Messana and the Hydronica team discussing heat pump location for a new hydronic project.