A sustainable building needs sustainable lighting!

That’s why we recommend lighting from Energy Savings Technology!

Our office in Soquel, California, uses “The True 2 Inch LED Downlight,” known as the DL2.

The DL2’s revolutionary design exhibits a two-inch footprint that was originally inspired by Messana when we requested a lighting fixture that could easily be used alongside our Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels!

Although any light with a footprint smaller than three inches can be used in conjunction with our Ray Magic® panels; the DL2 delivers industry-leading light quality with unmatched reliability.

The completely dimmable DL2 has an output of 800-1000 lumen, a long lifetime of 60,000+ hours, and it comes with a 3-year warranty!

Next time you’re thinking about what kind of lighting should go into a sustainable building with Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels, don’t forget about EST Lighting!

DL2 downlight lighting