This radiant remodel in Sonoma, California, uses a photovoltaic system to power its Aermec air-to-water heat pump to generate hot and cold water for radiant cooling and heating! Photovoltaic solar panels are a perfect partner for hydronic systems like our Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels because they provide a renewable way to power heat pumps! This type of hydronic system has been growing in popularity here in California as we try to reach our goal of being carbon-neutral by 2045. Next to geothermal systems, using solar energy is one of the most sustainable ways to heat and cool a space!

You might also be wondering how someone would install ceiling fixtures alongside our radiant panels. Well, as long as the footprint is less than 3″, you can install ceiling fixtures between the serpentine piping within our panels! This home used state-of-the-art LED downlights from EST lighting which combine superb design with superior efficiency.

Key components used in the mechanical room include:
– Belimo mixing valve
– Boiler Buddy buffer tank
– Wilo Stratos pump

Installer: Warm Corp West

Would you consider a solar-powered hydronic system for your home? What about a solar-thermal system?

Solar panels on Sonoma remodel powering heat pump to provide radiant cooling and heating with Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels.
Radiant ceiling panels being installed in a solar-powered sonoma home.
Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels powered via solar panels.