How many of our Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels do you think it takes to heat and cool a home? 🤔

Numerous factors come into play when designing a Ray Magic® radiant system. Generally, we always start each job with the goal of achieving around 60-70% ceiling coverage, leaving enough room for ceiling fixtures.

As the job progresses, our team of engineers will compare the initial design’s output to the room-by-room load calculations provided by the project’s mechanical engineer. If there are shortages, our engineers can adjust the number of panels as needed, and even add hydronic fan-coils to provide second-stage cooling if necessary. This ensures that every room has enough cooling and heating capacity!

Finally, through Messana’s cutting-edge mControls, the entire system will be carefully orchestrated to guarantee that temperatures in different zones stay equalized to ensure that a particular zone won’t be over-cooled or over-heated.

Job site photos courtesy of @hydro_tech510 on IG!

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Hydrotech ray magic® panels photo 1
Hydrotech photo of ray magic panels 2
Hydrotech photo of ray magic panels 3
Hydrotech photo of Ray Magic® panels 4