We recently visited this Hydronica Inc. job site in San Jose, California!

This home’s first floor will utilize Bryant fan coils for heating and cooling, while the second floor will utilize our Ray Magic® NK radiant ceiling panels! Additionally, the first floor will use two Fantech HRV units, while the second floor will use two Messana Air Treatment Units (ATUs) to provide neutral temperature dehumidification and mechanical ventilation. Of course, the entire system will be managed via mControls (mBox, mZone8(x2), mZone12(x2))!

Key components of this system include:

Grundfos MAGNA3 32-60, MAGNA1 32-60, and UPS 26-150(x2) pumps

Belimo mixing and diverting valves

SpacePak 26 gal buffer tank and air-to-water heat pumps(x2)

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Exterior of recent Hydronica Inc. hydronic system install. This home will utilize Bryant fan coils and Messana radiant ceiling panels, all managed via Messana mControls.
Exterior of San Jose home that will utilize Messana Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels and Bryan fan coils. All managed via Messana mControls.
Mechanical room in San Jose home to provide radiant cooling and heating.
Mechanical room for a hydronic system that will provide radiant cooling and heating.
Belimo mixing and/or diverting valves to modulate a Ray Magic® radiant ceiling.