How often do you think the average person thinks about their indoor air quality? Once a week? Once a month?

If they knew how important IAQ was, they’d probably think about it daily!

Good indoor air quality can prevent occupants from developing certain respiratory ailments. You spend a huge portion of your life indoors, so why would you neglect the indoor air quality of your home/office?

For sustainable homes, Active House states that active homes should offer good IAQ and ventilation while minimizing energy usage. This means that natural ventilation through open windows should be possible. If the home has a mechanical ventilation system, it should be demand-driven; Preferably in accordance with the zoning of the dwelling.

Because IAQ is such a key element of a healthy working environment, we use our mSense room comfort sensors throughout our Soquel office to monitor: operative temperature, relative humidity, and VOC (indoor air quality)!

With this data, Messana mControls can efficiently regulate our air treatment units and our Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels in specific zones to provide a perfect working environment for our employees. Additionally, using AccuWeather data, our system evaluates the enthalpy (energy in terms of temperature and moisture) of the outside air; With this information, our controls can ensure that ventilation is favored only when the indoor environment’s temperature and humidity won’t be adversely affected by the outside air.

What’s the point in having a perfect climate in your environment if the IAQ is sub-par?! Perfection should be the only option, so don’t overlook IAQ for your next project, and if you can, sustainably regulate your IAQ using a demand-driven mechanical ventilation system!

mSense installed in our Soquel office kitchen.
mSense sensor installed in our Soquel office.
mSense view from the side.
mSense installation kit rendering.