Our friends over at Jaga just shared these photos of their hydronic fan coils (Briza-12) installed in a beautiful Washington home!

Jaga hydronic fan coils perfectly complement our hydronic radiant ceiling panels for projects where specific areas within a home have higher cooling loads relative to the rest of the house!

Jaga’s extremely compact hydronic fan-coils like the Briza and Clima Canal can also now integrate directly with Messana mControls to ensure that the indoor climate is always comfortable.

Furthermore, Jaga’s one-of-a-kind ductless design alleviates the need, cost, and time to run ducts! Finally, since the Jaga Briza 12 and Clima Canal models are powered via 24V DC, they can be powered directly from our mZone J series modules that were designed specifically for Jaga fan coils, making installations simpler and more efficient!

Messana Hydronic Technologies is now the California distributor for Jaga’s residential products, so let us know if you have any questions about Jaga’s hydronic fan coils!

Washington home that utilizes Jaga hydronic fan coils.
Jaga Briza 12 installed without cover.
Jaga Briza 12 fan coil installed.
Jaga hydronic fan coil installed.
SpacePak system generating hot and cold water for the hydronic system.
Jaga Briza 12 hydronic fan coil without casing installed.
Jaga Briza 12 installed in bedroom.
SpacePak heat pump installed in a Washington home.