Here are the job site photos from a recent system install by the team at Mayo Mechanical!

This 2,070 sqft. Laguna Beach home uses a SpacePak heat pump and an HTP boiler to produce hot and cold water for 13 Jaga Clima Canal hydronic fan coils! All aspects of this home’s hydronic system are managed via Messana mControls, allowing these homeowners to fine-tune and monitor every aspect of their hydronic system within our easy-to-use web and mobile apps.

Since Jaga Clima Canal models are powered via 24V DC, they can be powered directly from our mZone J series modules that were designed specifically for Jaga fan coils. Messana mControls also manages the 0-10v fan speed for all fan coils to provide demand-driven heating and cooling, ensuring that fans operate at their fastest once a call for heating/cooling is made, and slow down as the space approaches the set point.

Other key components of this hydronic system include:
– Boiler Buddy buffer tank
– Taco pumps
– Webstone valves

We are now the California distributor for Jaga’s residential products, so let us know if you have any questions about Jaga’s hydronic fan coils!

Mechanical Room for hydronic heating and cooling.
Messana mBox hydronic controller that is used as the brain of this complex hvac system which utilizes hydronic fan coils for heating and cooling.
The inside of a Messana mBox hydronic controller. The mBox is built with UL-certified industrial grade components.
Jaga Clima Canal hydronic fan coil that is used for heating and cooling.
Mechanical room by Mayo Mechanical that is used to provide hydronic heating and cooling via Jaga hydronic fan coils.
Messana mBox hydronic controller installed in a Laguna Beach mechanical room.
SpacePak air-to-water heat pump that is used to generate hot and cold water for use within Jaga hydronic fan coils which provide both heating and cooling.
Jaga Clima Canal 19 hydronic fan coil installed within a ceiling to provide energy-efficient heating and cooling. This entire system is managed via Messana mControls.