What happens if there is a leak?

Our proprietary panels have triple “O” ring hookups, connections that flex, and an oxygen barrier within the PEX. The likelihood of a leak is extremely small. We require that every system undergo a 100 psi pressure test to ensure that all fittings and panel connections are air tight and have no leaks. If, for some reason, a tube within the panels gets punctured, the damaged section can be repaired using simple press fit couplings and PEX tubing. The radiant system is a closed loop system and contains a set amount of water. Our systems are not connected to fresh water or an auto-fill system of any type. This ensures that, in the rare case of a leak, the amount of water damage would be minimal, and limited to only the water within the system. A single 4’ x 8’ radiant panel only contains a half gallon of water.

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