Messana Communication Daemon - Release Notes

0.16.00released Nov 23 - 2020
  • New Manual management of AO and DO (for support Test I/O page in the configurator)
    Room sensor: NewtOhm SND-mTH communication via mZones or mBoxes.
0.15.02released Nov 23 - 2020
  • New Room sensor: NewtOhm SND-mTH communication on ATU bus.
0.15.01released Nov 06 - 2020
  • Fixed Fixed reading value of RH by some ATU models.
    HiDew REx units:
    - Written the temperature setpoint in ºF in the dedicated register.
    - Removed setting on for "Forced treatment off".
    Fixed error on HiDew REx activation: renew always on during other function.
0.15.00released Oct 23 - 2020
  • New Management of multiple serial buses.
    Communication with units for HRV only (HiDew RxE.
0.14.11released Oct 14 - 2020
  • New Changed the method (from incremental to random) for keep mZones and mBoxes alive.
0.14.10released Oct 12 - 2020
  • Fixed Fixed error on missing conversion from ºC to ºF for the H2O temperature in the HiDew RSx units.
0.14.09released Oct 07 - 2020
  • New Hidden "General alarm" on LuBa’s ATUs when raised together other kind of alarm.
0.14.08released Sep 29 - 2020
  • Improved Reduced the size of the messages for mZones and mBoxes actuation with the aim to reduce the number of communication error in devices connected via RS485.
0.14.07released Jun 10 - 2020
  • New Implemented communication with SenseAir tSense via mZones or mBoxes
0.14.06released Jun 04 - 2020
  • New Implemented communication with Belimo 22UTH-..50X.
0.14.04released May 21 - 2020
  • New Added “Sleep Mode” for HiDew REx units.
0.14.03released May 18 - 2020
  • New Added parameter for "Probe on board" on HiDew REx units; allow to manage in the right way the “unplug display” error form the unit.
0.14.02released May 11 - 2020
  • New Communication with HiDew FCUs.
  • Fixed Saving of the calibration data for HiDew ATUs.
0.14.01released May 11 - 2020
  • Fixed Fixed the communication with UnderTree outdoor sensor.
0.14.00released Apr 23 - 2020
  • Fixed Fix error in acquiring notifications from database about information change.
0.13.06released Apr 17 - 2020
  • New Communication with SyxthSense SRI 75 sensor (via ATU bus).
0.13.05released Mar 25 - 2020
  • New Setted environment temperature to "No Value" when the display of the HiDew REx is unplugged.
0.13.04released Mar 12 - 2020
  • New Management of FCUs on the same duct of the ATUs.
0.13.03released Mar 04 - 2020
  • New Saving of the calibration data for HiDew REx units.
0.13.02released Jan 13 - 2020
  • Fixed Fixed humidification issue when the humidificator works with HiDew RER unit.