How many of our 2×8 Ray Magic® NK radiant ceiling panels can be connected to a single manifold loop? (one set of 1/2″ supply and return lines)

A total of 12 2×8 Ray Magic® NK radiant ceiling panels can be installed using one manifold loop!

We typically go for about 70% ceiling coverage to meet heating and cooling loads. This means that using one manifold loop, we can condition about 274 sqft with a radiant surface area of 192 sqft!

Messana’s 1-1/4″ modular manifold uses fit-snap interlocking modules to compose different manifold sizes (from 2 to 12 loops)! So, you can build a manifold with as many loops as you need!

Great work to the team at Doke’s plumbing on this very tidy install!

Messana radiant ceiling for heating and cooling. Hot or cold water is delivered via pre-insulated PEX piping lines.
Messana Radiant Ceiling pre-insulated PEX piping.
Messana Radiant Ceiling with Ray Magic® radiant cooling and heating ceiling panels.
Messana Modular Manifold (anywhere from 2-12 loops!)