Our CEO, Alessandro Arnulfo, recently traveled to New Zealand to assist Waterware in introducing our system to the local market!

Alessandro’s short trip was filled with many presentations, training sessions, and of course, lots of good times in between!

We look forward to seeing more Ray Magic® radiant cooling and heating systems installed in New Zealand!

Alessandro spreading the word about our Ray Magic® radiant ceiling system!
Packed presentation to introduce the Messana Climate Control system to the New Zealand market!
Alessandro Arnulfo, our CEO, giving a presentation on our hydronic control system in New Zealand.
Waterware office and car.
Alessandro mountain biking in a New Zealand forest!
Alessandro giving his radiant cooling presentation in New Zealand!
Mechanical room at Waterware that uses the mBox 5 hydronic controller and a Messana Air Treatment Unit (ATU).
Alessandro mountain biking with Waterware!
Alessandro showing off the beauty of New Zealand! Oh, the places radiant cooling can take you!