The team over at Doke’s Plumbing has been hard at work on this retrofit install of the first batch of our new Ray Magic® NK radiant cooling and heating ceiling panels!

This hybrid system uses an LG heat pump and Hydro Kit to sustain a radiant floor for heating, fan coils on the upper floors for heating and cooling, and our Ray Magic® NK radiant ceiling panels on the lower floors for silent heating and cooling in the bedrooms!

This has been a pretty unique project since we have achieved almost 90% ceiling coverage in the areas with our Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels; a notable increase compared to the usual 70% in most of our projects! More radiant surface area = more comfort!

If you have any questions about this system, ask us in the comments; but we’ve got a lot more information on this project coming soon!

Installer: Doke’s Plumbing
Engineers: CB Engineers
Construction Team: Pete Moffat Construction
Lighting: EST Lighting
Insulation: Rockwool

The team at Doke's Plumbing installing our new Ray Magic® NK radiant cooling and heating ceiling panels.
Finished radiant ceiling with 90% ceiling coverage. Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels installed by Doke's Plumbing.