Here we have a unique system install that saved Paul Brown Architects from the dreaded “Goldilocks effect,” the phenomenon where part of the office is too hot, part is too cold, and only a small part in the middle is just right.

To combat Paul Brown Architects’ uncomfortable working environment, the good folks at Waterware worked alongside Regency Plumbing to install our Ray Magic® NK panels as hanging islands in their new office building!

Additionally, Paul Brown Architects wanted to avoid multiple high wall units, making our radiant cooling and heating ceiling panels the perfect option since they are silent and invisible!

We are glad that our system is keeping the folks at Paul Brown Architects nice and comfortable; and that they will get to experience the benefits of a radiant system firsthand!

Paul Brown Architects office building.
Paul Brown Architects entrance.
Paul Brown Architects meeting room.
Paul Brown Architects office space.
Paul Brown Architects Kitchen with radiant ceiling panels.
Paul Brown Architects lounge with radiant ceiling panels installed as islands.
Hanging islands of our Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels.
Radiant ceiling panel install as hanging islands.
radiant ceiling panel install photos.
Radiant cooling ceiling panels in Paul Brown Architects building.