Radiant Drywall Taping with RayMagic radiant cooling panels.

RayMagic radiant drywall is installed directly to the ceiling framing. Hanging, taping and finishing is done in much the same way as traditional drywall.

Typically a crew of professional drywall hangers install the panels with the coordination of a mechanical contractor that coordinate the RayMagic panel layout and connects the panels to the supply and return lines.
Before taping the system is pressure tested at 100psi and pipes are carefully insulated to prevent condensation when the ceiling is in radiant cooling mode.
The gaps are filled with prefab blank panels (EPS+drywall) that also allow to accommodate recessed lights, sprinklers, speakers etc.

The picture refers to a home remodel project in Woodside CA.
Taping and finishing is executed by Pacific Drywall