Built by Dotto Construction Company, this two-story home in Santa Rosa, California, uses two different radiant systems; both controlled via Messana mControls.

The first floor has a radiant floor, while the second floor uses our Ray Magic® NK radiant ceiling panels; both used to provide radiant cooling and heating.

Additionally, each floor uses a dedicated Messana Air Treatment Unit to provide neutral temperature dehumidification and mechanical ventilation.

By dehumidifying the air coming into the home, we are able to maintain an ideal dew-point temperature, which allows us to use colder water within the radiant system, increasing the cooling capacity of the radiant floor and our radiant panels. By doing this in a temperature-neutral way, we are able to ensure that the incoming air will not have a negative impact on the indoor conditions!

Installer: Warm Corp West

Dotto Construction Ray Magic® radiant panel photo 2
Dotto Construction Ray Magic® radiant panel photo 1