• mBox

Introducing the mBox, the brain of our system!

The mBox is a powerful control unit specifically designed for hydronic HVACR systems including radiant cooling and heating (ceiling panels & floors), fan coils, and air treatment units (dehumidifiers, humidifiers, HRVs). Additionality, our mBox integrates with any third-party VRF or VRV system, combining hydronic and refrigerant into a unique control solution. As the main

  • CA First Zero-Carbon Home

California’s First Zero-Carbon Home

This luxury home ($32M) in Malibu, aiming for first zero-carbon certification in California, features a hydronic multi-speed fan coil HVAC system powered by three air-to-water heat pumps. The HVAC system is orchestrated by the Messana controls that stages the 3 HPs based on the actual demand and provides unique energy saving logic and smart scheduling.

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