• Saul showing our Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels!

Ray Magic® Radiant Cooling and Heating Ceiling Panels On The Job Site!

We recently visited a @hydronica.inc job site to film their team installing our Ray Magic® NK radiant cooling and heating ceiling panels! Here’s Saul to provide some quick install info regarding our radiant ceiling panels! Let us know if you have any questions!

  • Job site crew reflecting on a radiant floor to be used for cooling and heating.

Radiant Floor Cooling!

We recently got to check out this very unique project in Fairfax, CA! This radiant floor will be used to provide BOTH radiant cooling and heating using Messana Room Comfort Sensors, mControls, and Air Treatment Units! Viega Climate Panels and 5/16” Barrier PEX Tubing were used to construct this radiant floor. The panels are constructed

  • Exterior of Newport, Rhode Island renovation.

Newport, Rhode Island, Renovation With Atlantic Climate Designers!

We recently visited this very unique remodel in Newport, Rhode Island! We met with Atlantic Climate Designers to discuss their ideas for this home's renovation! This project is unique because many pieces of this historical home will be refurbished and reinstalled to preserve the original building materials! From shingles to windows, as many materials as

  • Water boiler repair photo.

3 Advantages That Hydronic Systems Have Over Forced-Air Systems

As the weather begins to cool down, people are once again going to begin to turn on their heating systems. But with the cost of heating being quite high in many areas, people are always on the lookout for more efficient options.  While many homes may still use traditional types of

  • Jaga Climate Designers Showroom

Visiting The Jaga Climate Designers Showroom

We recently visited the Jaga Climate Designers Showroom in Boston, Massachusetts, to check out all of the products they have to offer! Jaga's extremely compact hydronic fan coils like the Briza and Clima Canal can integrate directly with Messana mControls to manage the 0-10v fan speed to ensure that the indoor climate is always comfortable

  • Sweeney DesignBuild inspecting our NK radiant ceiling panel for heating and cooling.

East Coast Radiant Ceiling Project With Sweeney DesignBuild

While we were out on the East Coast last week, we visited a job site in Charlotte, Vermont, for one of our upcoming projects with Sweeney DesignBuild! This two-story home will utilize our Ray Magic® NK radiant ceiling panels to deliver radiant cooling and heating on the first and second floors. Meanwhile, a radiant floor

  • Client, Builder, and Installer meeting for East Coast Project

Radiant Cooling and Heating on the East Coast!

We love when our clients show up this prepared for a meeting! Last week, we met with a client, builder, and installer out in Portland, Maine, and they came ready with a Ray Magic® NK radiant ceiling panel sample and John Siegenthaler's book, Modern Hydronic Heating! We look forward to seeing our system utilized in

  • How It's Made

How It’s Made: Ray Magic® Gypsum Radiant Ceiling Panels

This footage came from our factory in Azzano Decimo, Italy, where the same two production employees assemble all of our radiant ceiling panels! Our Gypsum panels are more common throughout Europe, whereas our NK panels (no drywall installed) are more popular throughout the United States! The process begins by assembling a 4x8 EPS foam board.

  • Ed Kline of Kline's Kustom Heating and Air reviewing hydronics plans.

Job Site Visit With Kline’s Kustom Heating & Air!

We recently took a trip down to Ojai, California, to discuss a new project with Klines Kustom Heating & Air! This home's hydronic system will utilize SpacePak system heat pumps and Messana mControls to provide heating and cooling via our Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels, Jaga fan coils, and a radiant floor! This project will also

  • Photo of the Messana Podcast in progress interviewing Jaga Climate Designers.

The Messana Podcast!

Today we got to record episode two of our podcast on hydronics with Jaga Climate Designers! Episode 1 featured our New Zealand distributor, WaterWare, and it is now live on YouTube. We discussed hydronics, radiant cooling, and air treatment! You can also find our podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, iHeart Radio, Amazon Music, Audible, and

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