• Radiant cooling in Newport Beach

Radiant Cooling in Newport Beach, California!

Radiant cooling with Messana Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels! Cooling that you can FEEL but not SEE! Big thank you to @adrianlzo and the whole team at Mayo Mechanical for providing today's #ThermalThursday video!

  • Laney College BEST Center Exterior

Radiant Ceiling Panels in Laney College’s BEST Center!

We'd have to say that our favorite structures are the ones that promote sustainable technology and building practices. That's why we're thrilled to share that our Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels were installed in the Laney College BEST Center in Oakland, California! The Building Efficiency for a Sustainable Tomorrow (BEST) Center promotes better building performance through

  • Solar panels on Sonoma remodel powering heat pump to provide radiant cooling and heating with Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels.

Going Solar in Sonoma!

This radiant remodel in Sonoma, California, uses a photovoltaic system to power its Aermec air-to-water heat pump to generate hot and cold water for radiant cooling and heating! Photovoltaic solar panels are a perfect partner for hydronic systems like our Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels because they provide a renewable way to power heat pumps!

  • Award winning New Canaan home front yard.

Award Winning Home in New Canaan, CT!

Now, this is a home we're proud of! This 100% radiant single-family home in New Canaan, Connecticut, won TWO Home Building Industry Awards! One for "Best in Town Custom Home" and another for "Best New Construction Technology!" The 5,800 sqft home put our Ray Magic® radiant cooling and heating ceiling panels to the test in

  • White House Exterior

Finished Radiant Remodel: The White House

Here are the finished renovation photos of "The White House" in Los Gatos, California! This 5,000 sqft, 5-bed, 3-bath home was renovated with our Ray Magic® gypsum radiant ceiling panels to provide radiant cooling and heating! Additionally, this home uses two Messana air treatment units to provide neutral temperature dehumidification and mechanical ventilation. Great work

  • The White House Exterior

Radiant Remodel: The White House

We call this one "The White House," and we're sure you can tell why! These photos are from a remodel in Los Gatos, California. The 5,000 sqft, 5-bed, 3-bath home was originally built in 1905! It received quite the upgrade when the homeowners decided to install our Ray Magic® gypsum radiant ceiling panels to provide

  • Thermal Camera showing our radiant ceiling panels and the Jaga linear diffuser.

Atherton Home’s Supplementary Fan Coils!

Here are the final photos from the 9,300 sq/ft Atherton home that we have been posting about! In addition to our Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels and a radiant floor, this home uses Jaga  fan coils to provide second-stage cooling during the hottest days of the year! The system uses Briza 22 fan coils with

  • Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels in an Atherton home.

Atherton Home’s Thermal Images!

Remember the 9,300 sq/ft Atherton home that we have made several posts about over the last few weeks? Well, as promised, here are the thermal images that one of our engineers captured at the system start-up! In case you missed our past posts, this home’s four-pipe hydronic system uses 249 of our Ray Magic® NK

  • Black mBox10 rendering.

New mBox Color!

This one is for all our hydronic installers out there! Whether you work with radiant floors, fan coils, or radiant ceiling panels, you’ll need a control system, and Messana mControls can handle it all! We know how much some of you like to make your mechanical rooms look like works of art. So, we decided

  • Ray Magic Quad Gypsum ceiling tiles in our Soquel office.

Thermal Thursday: Ray Magic® Quad Gypsum

For today’s #ThermalThursday, we wanted to show off our most popular Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panel for commercial projects! Ray Magic® Quad Gypsum ceiling tiles designed for suspended ceiling grid systems! These FLIR thermal images are always particularly satisfying because they show each individual Ray Magic® QG (Quad Gypsum) ceiling tile! Scroll to see what installation looked

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