• Radiant ceiling with plenty of panel coverage.

FAQ Friday: How many panels are required to provide radiant heating and cooling?

We typically shoot for about 70% ceiling coverage for all of our projects. This is because it takes roughly 70% coverage to meet cooling loads with our panels, while heating loads are usually met at around 30-40%. Although some clients may want to stop at 30-40% ceiling coverage for a heating-only system, using more panels

  • Carmel mechanical room for a hydronic system covered in insulation.

Carmel Mechanical Room Before and After

Here is some eye candy courtesy of one of our Bay Area installers, Hydronica! Swipe for a nice before and after! 🤤 Messana mControls were used to manage this hydronic system down in Carmel, California. 🏖️🐚 This project used two Mitsubishi heat pumps as an energy source to provide heating and cooling via a radiant

  • Amazing garage for the Jaga fan coils project.

Jaga Fan Coils managed with Messana mControls

Here are some more photos from the Jaga fan coil project we posted about yesterday, but we wanted to give this stunning car collection its own post! This home used a completely hydronic Jaga fan coil system for heating and cooling. For projects like these, Messana now offers a Jaga-specific mBox hydronic controller that completely integrates

  • Stunning home that uses Jaga hydronic fan coils for heating and cooling.

Jaga Fan Coils Project

Since we recently revealed our new hydronic controller designed specifically for Jaga hydronic fan coils, we wanted to show off a stunning project that utilized Jaga fan coils! Jaga’s extremely compact hydronic fan-coils like the Briza and Clima-canal provide energy-efficient heating and cooling that can now be integrated directly with Messana mControls to ensure that the

  • A Messana Lunch N' Learn with Montalba Architects.

Lunch N’ Learn with Montalba Architects

We recently visited Montalba Architects for a Lunch N' Learn to provide an overview of our system and its benefits! Ed Kline with Kline's Kustom Heating & Air also joined us for this presentation to give an installer's POV of our system! So far we have completed one project with Montalba Architects in which they used

  • A close up showing a cut-out within our radiant ceiling panel used for fire sprinklers.

How do you install ceiling fixtures within a radiant ceiling?

Cut-outs up to 3 inches in diameter can be used to install ceiling fixtures like lighting, fire sprinklers, etc., within our Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels. Here are some recent job site photos to show you exactly what this would look like! In the event that you want to install ceiling fixtures after our radiant

  • Messana Hydronic Technologies 2022 booth at the Pacific Coast Builders Conference.

PCBC 2022 Booth Photos!

We had a great time at the 2022 Pacific Coast Builders Conference last week! Here are some photos of our booth which was located in PCBC's Healthy Home District! Our next trade show isn't until 2023, and we're still deciding whether we should make the trip to Las Vegas for IBS or to Atlanta for

  • Bryan Rossi at a Lunch N' Learn presenting to BMA Mechanical+ about Messanas hydronic product line.

Lunch N’ Learn with BMA Mechanical+

We've just finished up a Lunch N' Learn with BMA Mechanical+ down in San Luis Obispo, CA! We had a great time meeting their team and discussing our product line and its benefits! If you're looking for an opportunity to learn more about Messana and our products, check out our recent episode on the Building

  • Messana Modular Manifold (anywhere from 2-12 loops!)

The Messana Modular Manifold: 2 to 12 Loop Manifold

How many of our 2x8 Ray Magic® NK radiant ceiling panels can be connected to a single manifold loop? (one set of 1/2" supply and return lines) A total of 12 2x8 Ray Magic® NK radiant ceiling panels can be installed using one manifold loop! We typically go for about 70% ceiling coverage to meet

  • Pebble Beach home that uses solar power to power 2 heat pumps to provide radiant cooling and heating with our Ray Magic® ceiling panels.

Pebble Beach Home Photos!

Here are the job-site photos to go along with last Friday's mechanical room post! This Pebble Beach home uses Photovoltaic solar panels as an energy source. Two Spacepak air-to-water heat pumps and two U.S Boiler Co. boilers were used to supply hydronic heating and cooling.🔥❄️ This home uses our mBox hydronic controller and mZone zoning

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