• Bryan showing Andrew Liang more of our radiant panel options for radiant cooling and heating.

LAB+ Visits Our Soquel Office

Today, @labplus_arch visited our Soquel office to learn more about our hydronic controls and the various types of Ray Magic® radiant panels we have to offer! If you're an architect, mechanical engineer, or home builder, and you'd like to come by to learn more about our system, feel free to reach out and we can set up

  • Giannella drone shot of home that uses Messana Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels.

Saratoga Home Designed By: Acadia Architecture

Here are some photos of a beautiful Saratoga home designed by Acadia Architecture! This home uses Messana Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels to provide radiant cooling and heating throughout the home, and a fan coil to provide supplementary cooling to the living room where cooling demands are higher due to glazing induced by the large folding

  • Messana and the Hydronica team discussing heat pump location for a new hydronic project.

Discussing Heat Pump Clearance With Hydronica

Today we joined @hydronica.inc for a job site visit to discuss heat pump clearance, setbacks, and sound levels with Premiere Builders for one of our upcoming projects! This home will require three air-to-water heat pumps for two separate hydronic systems! The first hydronic system will use two heat pumps connected in series and a buffer tank to

  • Our panel layout specialist, Bea, working on the panel layout for one of our upcoming projects!

Radiant Panel Layout Design

Here is our panel layout specialist, Bea, working on the panel layout for one of our upcoming projects! Based on the client-provided room-by-room load calculations, we can calculate exactly how many panels are required to meet heating and cooling loads. From there, Bea designs her panel layout to ensure we reach the appropriate amount of

  • Messana hydronic radiant ceiling panel and Jaga hydronic fan coil.

The Perfect Hydronic Pair!

The perfect hydronic pair! Messana Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels and Jaga fan coils! For modern homes, which tend to have lots of windows, glazing can result in abnormally high cooling demands in specific areas. So, for these areas, we recommend Jaga fan coils which can provide supplementary cooling (and heating), while still utilizing the

  • Messana Modular Manifold (anywhere from 2-12 loops!)

Messana 1-1/4″ Modular Manifold: A Quick Overview!

By modular, we mean that our manifold can be assembled with anywhere from 2-12 loops using 2-loop and 3-loop fit-snap interlocking modules. The supply and return mains are built separately and connected with adjustable mounting brackets. Keep an eye out for our manifold assembly tutorial coming soon! 👀

  • Mayo Mech room.

Mechanical Room by Mayo Mechanical!

Finally, here are the mechanical room photos from the Laguna Beach project we posted about last week! This home utilizes four macrozones, each with a dedicated hydronic system that uses a heat pump and buffer tank to provide heating and cooling via Price hydronic fan coils. Furthermore, the fan coils are tied into the mechanical

  • Ryan meeting with Monterey Energy Group to finalize a project plan set and review some system design modifications!

Meeting with Monterey Energy Group!

Yesterday we visited our friends at Monterey Energy Group to finalize a project plan set and review some system design modifications! Monterey Energy Group(MEG) is an engineering consulting firm focused on the design of mechanical, energy (electrical and solar), and plumbing systems for residential and light commercial projects. Founded in 1982, MEG has worked with thousands of

  • mBox installed in Laguna Beach home by Mayo Mechanical.

mBox installed by Mayo Mechanical!

The Messana mBox: The brain of the most complex hydronic systems. Here's a little mechanical room teaser from a system we started up this week in Laguna Beach, California! This luxury home utilizes Messana mControls to manage a complex hydronic system that is comprised of a radiant floor for heating and fan coils for heating

  • Alessandro on Belinda Carr's building science podcast!

Messana on Belinda Carr’s Building Science Podcast!

Our CEO, Alessandro Arnulfo, recently had the pleasure of being featured on Belinda Carr's Building Science podcast! Earlier this month, Belinda hit 11,000 podcast downloads in just 6 months! On top of that huge milestone, she also just hit 200K subscribers on her YouTube channel! So, if you're interested in building science and technology, make

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