• Messana Modular Manifold (anywhere from 2-12 loops!)

Messana 1-1/4″ Modular Manifold: A Quick Overview!

By modular, we mean that our manifold can be assembled with anywhere from 2-12 loops using 2-loop and 3-loop fit-snap interlocking modules. The supply and return mains are built separately and connected with adjustable mounting brackets. Keep an eye out for our manifold assembly tutorial coming soon! 👀

  • Hydrotech ray magic® panels photo 1

How many Ray Magic® radiant panels are required?

How many of our Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels do you think it takes to heat and cool a home? 🤔 Numerous factors come into play when designing a Ray Magic® radiant system. Generally, we always start each job with the goal of achieving around 60-70% ceiling coverage, leaving enough room for ceiling fixtures.

  • Hydronica install mechanical room in San Francisco hotel.

Mechanical Room Photos from Hydronica

We can’t let December end without sharing some more mechanical room content! These photos are courtesy of Bay Area hydronic specialists, Hydronica! This four-pipe hydronic system was installed in a San Francisco hotel, and it utilizes Messana mControls to regulate its Ray Magic® radiant heating and cooling ceiling panels! 🔥❄ Have any mechanical room

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