• Laney College BEST Center Exterior

Radiant Ceiling Panels in Laney College’s BEST Center!

We'd have to say that our favorite structures are the ones that promote sustainable technology and building practices. That's why we're thrilled to share that our Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels were installed in the Laney College BEST Center in Oakland, California! The Building Efficiency for a Sustainable Tomorrow (BEST) Center promotes better building performance through

  • Solar panels on Sonoma remodel powering heat pump to provide radiant cooling and heating with Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels.

Going Solar in Sonoma!

This radiant remodel in Sonoma, California, uses a photovoltaic system to power its Aermec air-to-water heat pump to generate hot and cold water for radiant cooling and heating! Photovoltaic solar panels are a perfect partner for hydronic systems like our Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels because they provide a renewable way to power heat pumps!

  • Ray Magic Quad Gypsum ceiling tiles in our Soquel office.

Thermal Thursday: Ray Magic® Quad Gypsum

For today’s #ThermalThursday, we wanted to show off our most popular Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panel for commercial projects! Ray Magic® Quad Gypsum ceiling tiles designed for suspended ceiling grid systems! These FLIR thermal images are always particularly satisfying because they show each individual Ray Magic® QG (Quad Gypsum) ceiling tile! Scroll to see what installation looked

  • Atherton exterior photo.

Messana mControls managing 249 Ray Magic® radiant panels, 25 Jaga fan coils, and a completely radiant floor in Atherton, CA!

Today we have quite the mechanical room to show off! One of our engineers just visited this 9,300 sq/ft home in Atherton, CA to check on the progress of their system installation! This home’s four-pipe hydronic system uses 249 of our Ray Magic® NK radiant ceiling panels to provide radiant cooling along with radiant

  • Thermal Thursday thermal image of system in heating. Information about set points

Thermal Thursday: How does a set point work?

Happy #ThermalThursday everyone! Check out this photo of some of our Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels in heating in a New Jersey home! Speaking of heating, we recently had a customer ask why their system wasn't calling for heating even though their operative temperature was below their set point temperature. So, we wanted to take this chance

  • Ray Magic® NK panel release!

Our New Ray Magic® NK Radiant Ceiling Panels!

We’d finally like to reveal the next generation of Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels! Now available in the 2x4 size, the new Ray Magic® NK radiant ceiling panels now feature a more-flexible PERT piping instead of PEX, which has a low-friction outer layer and an interior oxygen barrier which both help to reduce expansion noise.

  • mBox10 rendering

Our New Hydronic Controllers!

We’re excited to announce the addition of several new hydronic controllers to our mControls product line! The new mBox5 and mBox10 can manage complex hydronic systems in small to medium-sized homes/buildings with up to 5 or 10 zones. Our mBox controllers can manage various hydronic systems like radiant ceiling panels, radiant floors, fan coils, and

  • Exterior photo of DRH show home with Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels. .

Ray Magic® NK Panels in a David Reid Homes show home

Here we have another Ray Magic® radiant ceiling system designed by Waterware for a David Reid Homes show home in Auckland! This beautiful 2,691 sqft show home contains four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and two living rooms. It balances contemporary style with flawless functionality to create the highest standard of family living in the much sought-after Hobsonville! This home’s

  • Paul Brown Architects office building.

Radiant Ceiling Islands in Paul Brown Architects’ new office building

Here we have a unique system install that saved Paul Brown Architects from the dreaded “Goldilocks effect,” the phenomenon where part of the office is too hot, part is too cold, and only a small part in the middle is just right. To combat Paul Brown Architects' uncomfortable working environment, the good folks at

  • 2 story New Zealand home.

Radiant Cooling Down Under!

Today’s featured install was completed in a two-story New Zealand home by our friends at Waterware! This home uses a Vaillant heat pump and UniTOWER alongside our Ray Magic® NK radiant ceiling panels to provide both heating and cooling. We are happy to see Waterware installing our panels throughout New Zealand and spreading the

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