• Ray Magic NK

Ray Magic® NK for a more sustainable alternative

Are your clients looking for a more sustainable alternative to traditional forced-air systems? Save them from noisy, unhealthy, and inefficient forced-air systems, and think of Messana Hydronic Technologies for your next project. Through the use of a heat pump, our Ray Magic NK® ceiling panels provide optimal thermal comfort for occupants through radiant cooling and

  • mBox

Introducing the mBox, the brain of our system!

The mBox is a powerful control unit specifically designed for hydronic HVACR systems including radiant cooling and heating (ceiling panels & floors), fan coils, and air treatment units (dehumidifiers, humidifiers, HRVs). Additionality, our mBox integrates with any third-party VRF or VRV system, combining hydronic and refrigerant into a unique control solution. As the main

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