I have never been a fan of forced air systems due to noise, blowing of dust and the general inefficiency and uncomfortable feeling of air blowing to heat or cool a house. We had warm floors throughout our previous home but had to have a forced air conditioning system for cooling. Multiple systems made it more complicated to install especially since we had an integrated control system.
We wanted to maximize the space in this new home and also have the ceilings follow the roofline. We did not want soffits for forced air system pipes and so when we heard about the Messana solution not only did it make complete sense to me from a scientific perspective it allowed us to make the home architecturally just the way we wanted.
We have lived with the system in cooling mode for a complete summer and it is unbelievable. The temperature of the house is very stable and just feels incredibly comfortable.
The team from whom we purchased the system and the guys that installed it were fantastic. All in all a very positive experience that has really made our house a home. Thank you!