For the last 20 years, we have consistently innovated to create the best climate control system possible.

We are revolutionizing the industry by moving away from the outdated wall thermostat and have put that power right in our customer’s pocket! Now, users can make any adjustments that they see necessary right from our smartphone app or with a voice command (Siri)!

In addition to monitoring operative temperature and relative humidity, the latest version of mSense can also monitor volatile organic compounds (VOC).
By monitoring VOC, the Messana mControls can regulate mechanical ventilation based on actual air quality and avoid unnecessary air changes to optimize energy consumption!

Our mSense room comfort sensors have come a long way, haven’t they?

Comment down below to let us know which features you’d like to see in the next generation of our mSense room comfort sensors! More invisible? More ways to adjust? Let us know!

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