These homeowners must be on cloud wine! This home is di-vine!

This 2,788 sq/ft luxury home in Temecula, California, sits on 4.88 acres of beautiful rolling hills covered by vineyards!

This beautiful home features a state-of-the-art hydronic system with Messana Ray Magic® ceiling panels and mControls. The control platform includes mBox (HVAC/radiant automation and control module), mZone (zoning module), and mSense (room comfort sensors.)

To complement the radiant panels, this home also uses Aermec fan coils for second-stage cooling! These Aermec fan coils are activated when a room temperature differs from the setpoint by a user-settable delta T. The fan speed is then proportionately modulated as the temperature approaches the setpoint.

📍Located in Temecula, California
Installer: Division 15 Tech Inc.
Architect: @archsmagnus

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