Here is some eye candy courtesy of one of our Bay Area installers, Hydronica! Swipe for a nice before and after! 🤤

Messana mControls were used to manage this hydronic system down in Carmel, California. 🏖️🐚

This project used two Mitsubishi heat pumps as an energy source to provide heating and cooling via a radiant ceiling, and DHW.

Each pump station on this four-pipe system required multiple diverting valves along with a mixing valve and pump.

Key components of this hydronic system include:
Grundfos Magna3 pumps
– Belimo mixing and diverting valves
– Mitsubishi heat pumps
Messana Modular Manifold

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Carmel mechanical room for a hydronic system.
Carmel mechanical room for a hydronic system covered in insulation.