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  • A radiant ceiling installation in New Zealand to provide radiant cooling and heating!

Ray Magic® NK Radiant Ceiling Panels Installed In New Zealand!

Check out these photos from a recent Ray Magic® NK radiant ceiling panel installation in New Zealand at Williams Corporation! We hope to be able to share more photos as this project comes together! Installer: Stellar Plumbing

  • New Hampshire barn that uses a radiant floor for both heating and cooling, managed via Messana mControls.

Radiant Floor Cooling With Messana mControls!

Yesterday we performed a system start-up for a project in Jackson, New Hampshire! Since this system just went online, the mechanical room still has some finishing to be done such as insulation, but we figured you all would want to see it anyway! This home and barn use a single 5-ton Aermec air-to-water heat pump

  • Ray Magic® NK radiant ceiling panels installed in Los Altos, California to provide heating and cooling.

Ray Magic® NK Radiant Ceiling Panels Installed In Los Altos, California!

Last week we visited a project in Los Altos, California, to review the radiant ceiling installation before our panels are covered with drywall! This home will utilize a Tesla Solar Roof to power three 5-ton SpacePak SIM-060 air-to-water heat pumps that will generate hot and cold water for the hydronic system. This home will use

  • Hydronica team installing our Ray Magic® radiant cooling and heating ceiling panels.

Ray Magic® Radiant Ceiling Panels Installed By Hydronica Inc.

Here are a few radiant ceiling install photos from a recent job site visit with one of our Bay Area hydronic installers,! This home in San Carlos, California, will utilize Messana mControls to manage our Ray Magic® radiant cooling and heating ceiling panels, @jaganorthamerica hydronic fan coils, and a radiant floor! We hope to have mechanical room

  • Messana mBox hydronic controller that is used as the brain of this complex hvac system which utilizes hydronic fan coils for heating and cooling.

Jaga Hydronic Fan Coil Project In Laguna Beach, California!

Here are the job site photos from a recent system install by the team at Mayo Mechanical! This 2,070 sqft. Laguna Beach home uses a SpacePak heat pump and an HTP boiler to produce hot and cold water for 13 Jaga Clima Canal hydronic fan coils! All aspects of this home’s hydronic system are managed via Messana

  • Mechanical room for a complex hydronic system that provides radiant cooling via a Messana Ray Magic® radiant ceiling.

New Hydronic System Install In Pasadena, California!

We're excited to share some mechanical room photos from a recent system install by Kline's Kustom Heating & Air! This home's hydronic system utilizes Messana mControls to manage 244 Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels (heating and cooling), a radiant floor (heating only), and two hydronic fan coils! Key components of this home's hydronic system include:

  • Bensonwood manufacturing facility.

Visiting The Bensonwood Manufacturing Facility!

We recently visited the Bensonwood manufacturing facility in New Hampshire to explore their offsite construction solutions that foster structures that are better for both people and the planet! So far, we've worked with Bensonwood on an Active House that utilized Messana mControls to manage a radiant floor, Jaga fan coils, and one of our Air Treatment Units. We

  • Water boiler repair photo.

3 Advantages That Hydronic Systems Have Over Forced-Air Systems

As the weather begins to cool down, people are once again going to begin to turn on their heating systems. But with the cost of heating being quite high in many areas, people are always on the lookout for more efficient options.  While many homes may still use traditional types of

  • Photo of the Messana Podcast in progress interviewing Jaga Climate Designers.

The Messana Podcast!

Today we got to record episode two of our podcast on hydronics with Jaga Climate Designers! Episode 1 featured our New Zealand distributor, WaterWare, and it is now live on YouTube. We discussed hydronics, radiant cooling, and air treatment! You can also find our podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, iHeart Radio, Amazon Music, Audible, and

  • Jaga Briza 22 hydronic fan coil installed.

Jaga Briza 22 Hydronic Fan Coils

Earlier this week, we showed off a project that used Jaga Briza-12 hydronic fan coils to provide heating and cooling. Today, we wanted to show off a project that utilized Jaga's Briza-22 fan coils! The Jaga Briza product line is composed of three different hydronic fan coils. The compact and quiet Briza 12 and the

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