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  • Washington home that utilizes Jaga hydronic fan coils.

Jaga Hydronic Fan Coils In A Washington Home

Our friends over at Jaga just shared these photos of their hydronic fan coils (Briza-12) installed in a beautiful Washington home! Jaga hydronic fan coils perfectly complement our hydronic radiant ceiling panels for projects where specific areas within a home have higher cooling loads relative to the rest of the house! Jaga's extremely compact hydronic

  • Messana and the Hydronica team discussing heat pump location for a new hydronic project.

Discussing Heat Pump Clearance With Hydronica

Today we joined for a job site visit to discuss heat pump clearance, setbacks, and sound levels with Premiere Builders for one of our upcoming projects! This home will require three air-to-water heat pumps for two separate hydronic systems! The first hydronic system will use two heat pumps connected in series and a buffer tank to

  • Messana hydronic radiant ceiling panel and Jaga hydronic fan coil.

The Perfect Hydronic Pair!

The perfect hydronic pair! Messana Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels and Jaga fan coils! For modern homes, which tend to have lots of windows, glazing can result in abnormally high cooling demands in specific areas. So, for these areas, we recommend Jaga fan coils which can provide supplementary cooling (and heating), while still utilizing the

  • Ryan meeting with Monterey Energy Group to finalize a project plan set and review some system design modifications!

Meeting with Monterey Energy Group!

Yesterday we visited our friends at Monterey Energy Group to finalize a project plan set and review some system design modifications! Monterey Energy Group(MEG) is an engineering consulting firm focused on the design of mechanical, energy (electrical and solar), and plumbing systems for residential and light commercial projects. Founded in 1982, MEG has worked with thousands of

  • Amazing garage for the Jaga fan coils project.

Jaga Fan Coils managed with Messana mControls

Here are some more photos from the Jaga fan coil project we posted about yesterday, but we wanted to give this stunning car collection its own post! This home used a completely hydronic Jaga fan coil system for heating and cooling. For projects like these, Messana now offers a Jaga-specific mBox hydronic controller that completely integrates

  • Stunning home that uses Jaga hydronic fan coils for heating and cooling.

Jaga Fan Coils Project

Since we recently revealed our new hydronic controller designed specifically for Jaga hydronic fan coils, we wanted to show off a stunning project that utilized Jaga fan coils! Jaga’s extremely compact hydronic fan-coils like the Briza and Clima-canal provide energy-efficient heating and cooling that can now be integrated directly with Messana mControls to ensure that the

  • Thermal image of our Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels in heating!

Thermal Thursday: Radiant Ceiling Panel Job Site Benefits!

Happy #ThermalThursday! It's been a while since we showed off our Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels in heating! Aside from the efficiency and output benefits of our Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels, there are also some construction benefits as well! Check out this quote from a Builder Magazine article: "...the cost for the system was no more

  • Malibu Drone Shot of $32M home with Messana mControls

mControls in California’s first zero-carbon certified home!

Some of you may recognize this $32M Malibu home that we posted back in August. Since then, it officially became California's first zero-carbon certified home! “Zero 1” was recently visited by real estate enthusiast and YouTuber, Enes Yilmazer. Head over to his Youtube to watch the full tour of this incredible home designed by MariSol

  • mSense installation kit rendering.

Indoor Air Quality in Sustainable Homes

How often do you think the average person thinks about their indoor air quality? Once a week? Once a month? If they knew how important IAQ was, they’d probably think about it daily! Good indoor air quality can prevent occupants from developing certain respiratory ailments. You spend a huge portion of your life indoors,

  • Front of Palo Alto home.

Passive Homes vs Active Homes

Do you know the difference between an Active House and a Passive House? Although they sound like opposites, they are actually very similar! Passive homes focus on high levels of insulation and air-tightness, allowing them to operate using up to 90% less energy. While Active Homes also aim to be energy efficient, they tend to

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