• Amazing garage for the Jaga fan coils project.

Jaga Fan Coils managed with Messana mControls

Here are some more photos from the Jaga fan coil project we posted about yesterday, but we wanted to give this stunning car collection its own post! This home used a completely hydronic Jaga fan coil system for heating and cooling. For projects like these, Messana now offers a Jaga-specific mBox hydronic controller that completely integrates

  • Stunning home that uses Jaga hydronic fan coils for heating and cooling.

Jaga Fan Coils Project

Since we recently revealed our new hydronic controller designed specifically for Jaga hydronic fan coils, we wanted to show off a stunning project that utilized Jaga fan coils! Jaga’s extremely compact hydronic fan-coils like the Briza and Clima-canal provide energy-efficient heating and cooling that can now be integrated directly with Messana mControls to ensure that the

  • Thermal Thursday thermal image of system in heating. Information about set points

Thermal Thursday: How does a set point work?

Happy #ThermalThursday everyone! Check out this photo of some of our Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels in heating in a New Jersey home! Speaking of heating, we recently had a customer ask why their system wasn't calling for heating even though their operative temperature was below their set point temperature. So, we wanted to take this chance

  • mBox10 rendering

Our New Hydronic Controllers!

We’re excited to announce the addition of several new hydronic controllers to our mControls product line! The new mBox5 and mBox10 can manage complex hydronic systems in small to medium-sized homes/buildings with up to 5 or 10 zones. Our mBox controllers can manage various hydronic systems like radiant ceiling panels, radiant floors, fan coils, and

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