Our team recently visited this one-of-a-kind 7,131 sqft concrete new construction in Napa Valley, California!

While most of our projects install our radiant ceiling panels 24″ O.C. between wooden furring channels, this project will use metal furring channels instead!

This home will utilize a Messana Air Treatment Unit, 214 of our Ray Magic® NK radiant ceiling panels (2,976 sqft), and will have 25 separate zones; all managed via Messana Controls. We hope to share more photos once our panels are installed by the team at Warm Corp West!

The exterior of a concrete new construction that will use Messana Ray Magic® NK radiant ceiling panels to provide radiant heating and cooling.
Metal furring channels for a Ray Magic® radiant ceiling.
Metal hat channels spaced 24" O.C. for a radiant ceiling install.
Metal furring channels to be used to install a radiant ceiling for radiant cooling and heating.
Metal hat channel in concrete new construction.
Metal framing in a concrete home.