While we were out on the East Coast last week, we visited a job site in Charlotte, Vermont, for one of our upcoming projects with Sweeney DesignBuild!

This two-story home will utilize our Ray Magic® NK radiant ceiling panels to deliver radiant cooling and heating on the first and second floors. Meanwhile, a radiant floor will also be used for heating in the basement, managed by Messana mControls!

By utilizing our control platform, these homeowners will be able to fine-tune and monitor every aspect of their hydronic system within our easy-to-use web and mobile app!

Sweeney DesignBuild inspecting our NK radiant ceiling panel for heating and cooling.
Sweeney DesignBuild inspecting our Ray Magic® NK radiant ceiling panel for radiant cooling and heating
Radiant ceiling plans for our Ray Magic® NK radiant cooling and heating ceiling panels!
Reviewing radiant ceiling layout plans with Sweeney DesignBuild team.
Sweeney DesignBuild Project
Sweeney DesignBuild team.
View from our radiant ceiling project with Sweeney DesignBuild.