In the picture is a screenshot of the interface of Control.Magic, Messana electronic radiant cooling and heating control platform. It demonstrates the high performance of a #RadiantCooling system installed in #PassiveHaus located in top of a hill in the mountains of Ojai, CA.
With 93F outside temperature, the rooms are maintained at very low temperatures (66-68F) along a hot sunny day with picks of 100F.

The radiant cooling surface of this house is hybrid: ceiling with RayMagic panels and traditional radiant floor with pex tubing.
The ceiling, with the RayMagic gypsum panels, can absorb up to 35btu/h/sq.ft of sensible heat, while the radiant floor about 10-12btu/h/sq.ft

This radiant system is powered by one Daikin Altherma air-to-water heat pump featuring inverter compressor technology.

Floor and ceiling are controlled with two separate hydronic circuits each one with its own mixing and pump station. This allow the controls to run different supply water temperatures in order to avoid condensation issue. Dew-point is measured in each room.

The system was designed by Monterrey Energy Group ( and installed by ACME Environmental, Inc (