We’d have to say that our favorite structures are the ones that promote sustainable technology and building practices. That’s why we’re thrilled to share that our Ray Magic® radiant ceiling panels were installed in the Laney College BEST Center in Oakland, California!

The Building Efficiency for a Sustainable Tomorrow (BEST) Center promotes better building performance through the advancement of building science and technician education.

The BEST Center supports three structures, two Test Houses used for the College’s Building Technologies Courses and one Passive Classroom used as a lecture hall/meeting room. The facility uses a unique three-stage mixed-mode approach for cooling. The first stage relies on natural ventilation to take advantage of the mild San Francisco Bay Area climate. The second stage uses our energy-efficient radiant ceiling panels to augment the breeze from the bay. Finally, if the building has more occupants than usual, the same fan coils used to introduce the fresh air will ramp up to supplement the radiant ceiling panels and the windows will close automatically.

We are proud that our products will help to bring about the next generation of building science experts and technicians!

Building Size: 5,000 sq/ft
Building Cost: $5M
Architect: Flad Architects
Engineers: Interface Engineering

Laney College BEST Center Exterior
BEST Center mechanical room to provide radiant cooling!
BEST Center mechanical room to provide radiant cooling!