The Messana Team went on a mission to start-up the radiant cooling system of the world’s first fully sustainable campus in higher education: Eden Hall Campus located in the North Hill of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania.

Messana Radiant Cooling panels were installed in the new  Eden Hall campus (South Building Dormitory).  The three floor building has two wings (East and West) and about 90 rooms.
Taping Ray Magic radiant panel in the connection windows using the half moon patches When the Team arrived on the job site (Monday June 29)  drywall tapers were still finishing some of the panels in the entrance of the building.

In the picture the taper is applying the “half moon circle” (drywall circular patches) that cover the connection windows of two adjacent Ray Magic panels.



The Messana Team (Maurizio Donadon, Greg Cross and Alessandro Arnulfo) worked for seven consecutive days to complete the wiring of the control panels (one panel per each floor plus one panel in the mechanical room located in the basement) and start up the radiant ceiling system for the first time.

Chatham Mix-Pump Station wiringThe team operated with the remote assistance from Italy of Andrea Ferrarelli and Federico Michilini who spent over four nights programming the system and completely testing in all its functionality.

Each panel controls 12 different mix-pump stations (4 for each floor, 2 per wing of the building). At the mix-pump station the thermal fluid temperature is modulated by the mixing valve and is sent to the manifold. Each loop of the manifold is equipped with a thermal actuator for zoning different student rooms and common areas (96 in total).


Infrared view of radaint gyspsum panels of  the first floor building hall and a typical room. Panels are in cooling mode.

In the picture on the side there are some digital and infrared views of the Ray Magic radiant gypsum panels of the first floor building installed in the hall and a typical student room.  Panels are tested in cooling mode with supply water temperature of about 50F (purple color).

The radiant cooling system was started during the weekend of July the 4th (2015) when the building was completely empty. The first tour of the building with the infrared camera is always very exciting… you can clearly see all the radiant panels and how the radiant fluid flows.

As soon as the radiant cooling system is started you can immediately feel the cooling effect of the radiant ceiling.
For more information on Eden Hall Campus, read here

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