Yesterday we performed a system start-up for a project in Jackson, New Hampshire! Since this system just went online, the mechanical room still has some finishing to be done such as insulation, but we figured you all would want to see it anyway!

This home and barn use a single 5-ton Aermec air-to-water heat pump to supply hot and cold water to several radiant floors and Jaga hydronic fan coils!

The home’s first floor utilizes a radiant floor for first-stage heating and cooling, and six Jaga Briza 12 fan coils for second-stage heating and cooling. The second floor uses a ducted Jaga Briza 22 fan coil to provide heating and cooling to the upstairs bedrooms, and an electric radiant floor for heating in the bathrooms. Lastly, this home uses a Zehnder ERV unit that is activated based on mSense room comfort sensor VOC readings.

The barn uses a concrete slab radiant floor for both heating and cooling.

From the radiant floor and fan coils to the ERV and electric floors, Messana mControls manages all aspects of this HVAC system!

Key components of this system include:
– Aermec 5-ton heat pump
– Jaga Briza 12 and 22 fan coils
– PAW Hameln mixing and non-mixing pump stations
– HTP boiler for DHW and backup heating
– Zehnder America ERV

Mechanical Engineers: Ripcord Engineering
Installer: Mountain View Mechanical

New Hampshire home that utilizes a radiant floor and Jaga hydronic fan coils for heating and cooling. All managed via Messana mControls!
New Hampshire mechanical room that provides hot and cold water for hydronic heating and cooling.
Barn mechanical room to manage the hydronic radiant floor system.
Radiant floor manifold.
New Hampshire barn that uses a radiant floor for both heating and cooling, managed via Messana mControls.
Messana mControls hydronic controllers installed in the mechanical room to manage the entire hydronic system.
PAW Hameln mixing and non-mixing pump stations.
Zehnder ERV unit.