Post Radiant Guru ClarumMessana Radiant Guru senses the radiant ceiling temperature with the accurate receptors of his hands.

What is the surface temperature?

We asked this question to our expert and Radiant Cooling system: The Radiant Guru.

Messana Radiant Cooling was installed at the headquarters for Clarum Homes in Palo Alto, Ca. It is the first “passive house” commercial building in California.

Typically, in California buildings (residential and commercial), we maintain the Ray Magic ceiling surface temperature between 55F and 65F in radiant cooling mode and between 85F and 120F (depending on the height) in radiant heating mode.

With the Messana radiant system, the surface temperature continuously adjusts in order to adapt to the actual building loads reducing ON-OFF cycles of the energy source (typically a Heat Pump) to guarantee the best Thermal Wellbeing.

This is achieved through the controls that measure the supply and return temperatures of the fluid running through the ceiling panels and modulate the position of a three-way electronic mixing valve.

In addition, the dew-point  is precisely measured in every room of the building in order to avoid that the surface temperature goes below the dew-point and causes condensation.

“The controls are a key element of a well performing radiant cooling system”, says the Radiant Guru.

To find out more about this project, visit the Messana Radiant Cooling website