New single family home in New Canaan, Connecticut

Awarded “Best in Town Custom Home” and “Best New Construction Technology” in CT by HBRA of Connecticut, Inc

New Canaan, CT
Building Type:
5,800 sf
Peter and Carolyn Ditlevsen

Nuzzi Architects

The House’s Achievements

Winner of the 2014 HOBI Award for “Best in Town Custom Home”
and “Best New Construction Technology”
Sponsored by: HBRA of Connecticut, Inc.

Construction Management Group, LLC won Best in Town Custom Home and Best New Construction Technology for radiant cooling and heating technology.
This energy-efficient and environmentally friendly system promotes clean air, provides unmatched comfort for heating and cooling while cutting energy costs for the owner. No other system can compare. Radiant cooling and heating is very smart and elegant and simplifies our homes’ heating and cooling systems. This house features 21 thermostats that control every room’s climate to your needs. The result is absolute control, and healthy indoor air quality. It eliminates large volumes of uncomfortable air blown around the home or building space, minimizing dust, allergens, and pathogens.

From the web, published on BUILDER Online Magazine

“…This solution did the trick at the New Canaan home. “When summer rolled around, we were biting our nails wondering ‘Is this really going to take care of our latent loads and humidity?’”. “We were routinely hitting 92- to 95-degree days, but when we walked into the house it was cool and comfortable.

“…The homeowners were thrilled.” The cost for the system was no more than for a typical radiant floor install and that the ceiling approach helped take a month off construction time. “The trades could get right into plumbing and electrical work and we didn’t need to wait for all the conventional ductwork to be installed, except for the ventilation system” he says.

“…His customers aren’t the only ones who are sold on the new approach to heating and cooling–he is, too. “We don’t look at climate control the same way at all anymore,” he concludes. “All of our thinking on this got turned upside down…”

(from the “BUILDER Online”, written by Jennifer Goodman on March 25, 2015)


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