Stuart Welte

“Focusing our architectural design on comfort, health, energy efficiency, and lifestyle we’re fortunate to have access to well engineered heating-cooling systems like Messana radiant panels to seamlessly integrate into our Residential and Commercial environments. The Messana folks and their installation contractors are top notch!”

Ronjon Nag

For heating and cooling, after having many technological conversations we chose Messana. We were convinced by their scientific approach and they have been highly responsive, not just from a contractual deployment sense but also have been willing to engage in technology integration discussions, providing us a state of the art cooling and heating system. The system

Jon Lambert

I have never been a fan of forced air systems due to noise, blowing of dust and the general inefficiency and uncomfortable feeling of air blowing to heat or cool a house. We had warm floors throughout our previous home but had to have a forced air conditioning system for cooling. Multiple systems made it

Stuart Bernstein

Messana Radiant Cooling and Heating Solutions provided exactly what we were seeking — consistent temperatures throughout the house (while simultaneously providing the ability to modify each room), no noisy forced-air breezes, efficient heat-pump energy consumption and the ability to control the system from anywhere in the world. Messana’s service has been incredibly responsive and friendly.

Matthew Rowland

I really went out on a limb with my wife when we elected to install only radiant cooling in the house without any back-up forced air system for those extremely hot days. But MEG came through with flying colors and now even my wife is a believer in the silent cool.

  • Jacob Gooze

Jacob Gooze

With the Messana radiant cooling and heating system, we can now achieve heating and cooling in a residential application, superior to a ducted system without having to find a home for duct-work, registers or air handlers. This is a dream come true for the local design community and our residential clients.

  • Otis Bradley

Otis Bradley

It feels GOOD in hot or cold weather. Everybody loves radiant! You won’t even know there is a heating and cooling system in a home if it is done right, it just feels comfortable...

  • James W. Reites

James W. Reites, S.J.

The dedication and professionalism of the Messana Team was a key ingredient in our winning first place in the Comfort Zone contest. The panels and control system performed flawlessly.

  • Michael Holligan

Michael Holligan

We led the Comfort Zone contest from the beginning to the end. The house was maintained in the comfort zone 99.6% of the time. The Messana controls made a huge difference.

Greg Cross

We have been installing Messana radiant cooling and heating systems for over 3 years now and speak with experience when we say it is the ultimate indoor conditioning solution. The Messana team is spot on from design, coordination to final commissioning and start up.